High Foaming Products to Maximize Contact Time

The FOOD PLANT SANITATION GROUP of Epsilon Chemicals Ltd. is in the business of solving sanitation problems for the food industry by offering a complete consultation service as well as a complete line of chemical cleaners and sanitizers.

Our unique full service consultant approach is designed to offer a more efficient sanitation program for each dollar spent.

We are committed to providing specialized products and services, including:

        CFIA approved cleaning chemicals and sanitizers, including:

  • Heavy Duty Circulation and Spray Cleaners
  • Strongly Alkaline Foaming Cleaners 
  • Foaming and Non-Foaming Degreasers for all types of water conditions
  • Acid Cleaners, both foaming and non foaming formulated with a variety of organic and inorganic acids to suit a particular plant's needs.
  • A wide range of sanitizers, including quats, multi-quats, peracetic acid blends, and solid sanitizers for drains, drip pans and floors.
  • REFLEX, a new generation acid sanitizer concentrate that is a blend of peracetic acid, hydrogen peroxide and nitric acid.  REFLEX has been formulated as no-rinse, one-step acid sanitizer used in the dairy, food and beverage processing industries for CIP and COP pipeline, tank and equipment cleaning and sanitizing processes.
  • FLOOR-SAN, a granular floor sanitizer with a multi-quaternary component that is water activated, providing effective floor sanitization in wet environments.


  •  a new, innovative product designed for the detection of biofilms and contamination on surfaces.  BioFinder reacts in the presence of biofilms allowing you to immediately spot any contaminated areas by a simple visual inspection 



  • Lactic Acid based products
  • Citric Acid based products
  • PROTECKTOR - an effective lactic and citric acid blend
  • Peracetic Acid blends, including:
    • PERACID 150 is a 15% peracetic acid based microbiocide suitable for reducing contamination on beef , pork and poultry carcasses, as well as fruits, vegetables and seafoods.
  • Hypobromous Acid blends, including:
    • HB-2 is an aqueous solution of hydrogen bromide that when mixed with water and sodium hypochlorite forms hypobromous acid, a highly effective antimicrobial compound.  This solution can be used to cost-effectively and quickly reduce microbial contamination and cross-contamination  of beef carcasses, with no rinse required.
  • Sanitation audits
  • Sanitation training
  • Hygiene monitoring equipment
  • Dispensing equipment and systems
  • Vendor management systems
  • Control and data logging systems
  • Laboratory analysis services

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