EPSILON CHEMICALS LTD. was founded in 1990 as a research and development company to provide specialized products and services to industry. We strive to offer the best products in their class. We stand behind our research, science and products and therefore make this simple guarantee to our customers and stakeholders in our company: Epsilon Chemicals Ltd. will ensure quality, reliability, sustainability and safety that go well beyond customer expectations

To excel in a competitive marketplace, we do our utmost to provide unprecedented quality in products and in customer service. Epsilon Chemicals Ltd. values above all the long-term relationships with our customers, partners,  and stakeholders. 
Environmental Awards

E-Chem’s commitment to research and development has been recognized by the scientific community in Canada, including the awards listed below: 

  • Alberta Science and Technology Award for Excellence in Industrial Research
  • Emerald Environmental Award

The production of environmentally responsible products is a major goal of Epsilon Chemicals Ltd. We strive to ensure that all of our products contain biodegradable surfactants that are produced from renewable or natural sources in order to help preserve human health and environmental quality.