More than 20 years of experiences lies behind the newest generation of automatic cleaning systems developed by System Cleaners A/S. The Leda and Calypso line of PLC controlled main stations are engineered to automatically riinse, roam clean, rinse and sanitize many different types of production equipment. These systems consist of a pump to boost water pressure, separate injectors for foam cleaning and flood sanitizing and nozzle/header systems engineered for specific applications. A modern, functional design and the use of stainless steel material ensure a long operating life, easy servicing, and simple operation. The automatic cleaning functions of rinse, foam and sanitize can be programmed into the on-board PLC. On he Leda I  you can choose between automatic or manual cleaning by the turn of a switch on the front of the cabinet.

A built in Grundfos pump will boost plant water pressure to between 90 and 290 PSI, depending upon the system chosen. This centrifugal pump is stainless steel, water lubricated and does not require regular servicing, The noise from the pump is less than 70 dB.

All systems are equipped with an automatic start/stop function. In units with a frequency drive, a timer system ensures that the pump motor ramps down and stops after 30 seconds when water usage ceases. When starting, the pump ramps up ffor 3 seconds, eliminating water hamper issues. A built-in safety system prevents the pump from automatically starting after a power failure.



  • Improved consistency
  • Labour savings
  • Improved water usage
  • Enhanced worker safety
  • Increased time available for production due to decresed cleaning times
  • Better chemical economy
  • Power savings
  • Improved cleaning in areas that are difficult to access
  • Sustainability


Systematic, PLC-controlled cleaning ensures that the cleaning process is well documented, which is of particular benefit when striving to comply with ISO, HACCP and other standards.


  • All cleaning function in a single system
  • Simple operation (Leda I has one function selector)
  • Nozzle systems that ensure uniform cleaning


  • Filling machines
  • Conveyor belts
  • Massage units
  • Spiral freezers
  • Linear tunnel freezers
  • Scalding cabinets
  • Screw converyors
  • Smokehouses
  • Linear and spiral ovens
  • Deep fat fryers
  • Poultry evisceration equipment
  • Poultry shackles
  • Tank cleaning
  • Shell egg washers