THE ENVIRONMENTAL GROUP of Epsilon Chemicals Ltd. specializes in the study and treatment of wastewater streams for the meat, poultry, and fish industries. Its objective is to identify innovative new products and optimized approaches to effluent treatment so that plants meet government standards and operate within permit compliance.

E-Chem’s Environmental Group provides solutions for the environmental needs of the meat, poultry, and fish industries, including:

• In-Plant Assessment Audits
• Recommendation reports
• Biological polymers
• Turnkey waste-water treatment plants
• Complete laboratory support
• Liaison with regulatory boards
• Complete remote computer monitoring of systems

Treated Effluent Leaving Plant

Please download our Polymer Product Guide below for a complete list of our anionic flocculants, cationic flocculants and coagulants for physical and chemical wastewater treatment. If you have any questions please, contact us