Quaternary-Based Sanitizers
  • Bioguard MQ – Stabilized foam, multi-quat based sanitizer. Ideal for entryway sanitizing systems. 
  • E-Quat – A highly active, borad-spectrum quaternary ammonium based liquid sanitizer.
  • E-San – A quaternary ammonium-based sanitizer and disinfectant. It is very effective against a wide variety of microorganisms at low concentration.
  • MQ Sanitizer – A highly active, broad-spectrum multi quaternary ammonium based liquid sanitizer that is also extremely effective in hard water.
Peracetic Acid-Based Sanitizers
  • Perox-E – A highly effective, rapid action sanitizer designed for use in CIP sanitizing in the dairy, beverage and food processing industries.
  • PAA 67 – A 6% peracetic acid based broad spectrum sanitizer designed for use in the food industry. PAA 67 is a non-foaming, environmentally friendly and is effective at low temperatures.
  • Peroxy Blast – A 16% perocyacetic acid-based microbiocide. It will help to reduce contamination and cross-contamination of edible food products. Its use is acceptable for direct or indirect contact in or on food, including fruits, and vegetables, meat, seafood and poultry if used as directed.
Alcohol-Based/RTU Sanitizers
  • IQL Spray Sanitizer – A no rinse, IPA, lactic acid and quat based hand and hard surface sanitizer.
  • Seco-San – A pH neutral ready to use cleaner and sanitizer. This product can bed used on food contact surfaces in food plants, restaurants and other food facilities. The sanitizing effect is due to a specialied blend of quaternanry ammonium compounds, isopropyl alcohol and hyrdogen peroxide.
  • IPA Sanitizer – A 70% alcohol-based hand and hard surface sanitizer. This product has been formulated to reduce the risk of cross contamination by providing the reduction of a wide spectrum of bacteria and microorganisms.
  • IPA Sanitizer Wipes – Ready to use, pre-soaked wipes containg a 70% alcohol-based sanitizer. They are excellent for use in food plants and other facilities where sanitation is a high priority. IPA Sanitizer Wipes are quick and effective method of hand sanitizing as well as applying a no-rinse sanitizing solution to food contact surfaces.
Chlorine-Based Sanitizers
  • Liquid Chlorine 12% – An effective sanitizer and bleaching compound designed for use in food plants and other industrial applications.
  • Biocide P – A granular disinfectant and sanitizing cleaner designed for use in food processing plants. It is effective for killing yeast, bacteria and moulds.