BIOFILMS: A biofilm is a nest of bacteria that are protected by an organic matrix that is resistant to classic cleaning and disinfection solutions. Biofilms can grow on many surfaces in the food industry: work surfaces, conveyors, cooling coils, exchangers, tanks, drains/pipes, membrane filters, etc. Once a biofilm is established, it is very difficult to eliminate because the microbes are reinforced and protected by the matrix, making them very resistant to sanitizers. The threat of a biofilm can be eliminated with proper ATP hygiene monitoring (Hygiena), allowing early detection and removal of organic residue – thus eliminating the food source for possible biofilm-forming microbes. In addition, UltraSnap ATP swabs have a unique detergent on the swab tip that cuts through biofilm and exposes the underlying cells. If a biofilm has already developed, there will be more ATP on a surface, which will result in a higher RLU and it can be detected by the EnSURE Touch and eliminated with vigorous cleaning.

DETECTION: It is now possible to detect and visualize a contamination related to a biofilm thanks to a new process of coloring developed by Realzyme for open surfaces. This patented technology is available now with Realzyme’s Biofilm Detection Kit. Realzyme has developed a protocol to audit installations for the presence of biofilm, as well as a comprehensive product range offering preventive and curative treatment of biofilms.

BIOFILM TREATMENT PRODUCTS: The Biorem range is a treatment specifically intended for the curative and preventive elimination of biofilms.

  • Biorem CD20 – Biofilm treatment additive for curative and preventative open surfaces.
  • Biorem Foam – All in one enzymatic detergent for preventative treatment
  • Biorem CDA1/CD10 – Curative treatment for CIP and membrane filtration systems
  • Biorem CIP – All in one enzymatic detergent for preventative biofilm treatment in CIP and membrane filtration systems.