The operation of food processors sanitation systems can be monitored and data-logged using the Web-Based Remote Monitoring and Data logging system from Epsilon Chemicals Ltd.

This system is designed to provide food-processing plants with information vital to running a cost effective and controlled sanitation program. The PLC is configured with an on-board Ethernet card to allow for real-time monitoring of all systems relevant to plant sanitation. The system also stores data in memory for later downloading for trending or report generation.  

MONITORING: This system can be configured to monitor a wide variety of sanitation related items, including:

·         Rinse water pressure

·         Rinse water temperature

·         Rinse water usage

·         Central foam system chemical solution concentrations and usage

·         Central sanitizing system chemical solution concentrations and usage

·         Central doorway sanitizing system chemical solution concentrations and usage

 REPORTS: The trend files can be uploaded to a PC for report generation.


 Webmaster web-based remote monitoring and data-logging system:

This system seamlessly web-enables your installed equipment (such as flow meters, conductivity transmitters etc.), providing local and remote access to vital sanitation system information.

  •  Conductivity transmitters allow you to monitor and control various chemical concentrations
  • Pressure transmitters will monitor the pressure of the central  rinse system
  • Temperature transmitters will monitor the plants rinse water temperature to ensure that consistent rinse temperatures are being maintained.
  • Flow meters will monitor rinse water flow rates as well as rinse water and chemical usage.
  • Ethernet connectivity will allow for remote access and can be configured to send texts or emails when alarm conditions occur.
Sanitation Monitoring System Tech Data