Epsilon Chemicals Ltd. carries a wide range of products for all your brewing and distilling needs. We work with customers to provide individualized cleaning strategies to best suit their needs.

You can see a full list of our products for breweries and distilleries in our product guide – Brewery & Distillery Product Guide.

Brewery, Distillery, & Cannabis Products

  • Liquid Heavy Duty Caustic Cleaner – A very strongly alkaline circulation cleaner formulated for cleaning lines and tanks.
  • Liquid Circulation Cleaner – A strongly alkaline circulation cleaner formulated for cleaner lines and tanks.
  • Turbo CIP – A moderately alkaline circulation cleaner formulated for hard water conditions.
  • Pipeline Cleaner – Strongly alkaline, chlorinated circulation cleaner.
  • CIP Acid – Non-foaming blend of nitric and phosphoric acid for removal of beer stone and scale in tanks, vats and lines.
  • HD Descaler – Nitric acid-based product formulated for the removal of beer stone and scale in tanks, vats and lines.
  • Non-Foaming Acid Cleaner – Phosphoric acid-based product formulated for the removal of beer stone and scale in tanks, vats, and lines.
  • Powdered Ale Purpose Cleaner – A readily soluble free-flowing, free rinsing CIP type cleaner with excellent hard water tolerance. This product uses active oxygen (4-5%) to effectively penetrate carbon and protein soils in piping, tanks, filters, fermenters, and kettles.
  • ASC 1000 – A concentrated, completely water-soluble liquid cleaner and degreaser specifically designed to clean soils for soft metal surfaces.
  • Chloro – A mildly alkaline, foaming, chlorinated degreaser.
  • Clean Foam – A Mildly alkaline, foaming degreaser.
  • Seco-San – A pH neutral ready to use cleaner and sanitizer. The sanitizing effect is due to a specialized blend of quaternary ammonium compounds, isopropyl alcohol and hydrogen peroxide.
  • HP Extra – A moderately foaming degreaser containing biodegradable surfactants and wetting agents boosted with hydrogen peroxide. HP Extra has excellent degreasing properties and can be used for general cleaning of food processing operations, especially in areas that contain a variety of soft metals.
  • Enzybrew 10 – A tri-enzyme detergent specially designed for the daily cleaning of microbrewery equipment. Enzybrew 10 removes all organic residues encountered during the production of beer such as vegetable fibers (hop, distillers’ grains) starch, caramelized sugars, etc. Ideal for  cleaning filter plates, wort cooler and maturation, boiling and fermentation tanks.
  • Enzybrew L – An enzyme detergent specially developed for cleaning bottling machines and removable parts (valves, rubber hoses, fittings) in microbreweries. Enzybrew L breaks organic soiling such as protein waste and residues of polysaccharides completely down.
  • Enzyfoam – A self-foaming enzyme detergent specially developed for cleaning any open surface (floor, surfaces, difficult to access locations and high-risk areas) in the food industry. Efficiently removes organic residues (proteins, grease, starch) that are heavily encrusted on surfaces to provide in-depth cleaning and optimum hygiene.
  • PAA 67 – An organic peracetic acid based broad spectrum sanitizer.
  • E-Quat – A dual quaternary ammonium based liquid sanitizer.
  • Liquid Chlorine 12% – A sodium hypochlorite-based sanitizer and bleaching agent.
  • Biocide P – A pink, chlorinated trisodium phosphate based cleaner and sanitizer.
  • AB Handsoap – A premium, high foaming synthetic antibacterial hand soap specifically formulated for the gentle and efficient cleansing of hands in the food industry. This product contains BKC, a highly effective broad-spectrum antimicrobial agent that provides excellent antibacterial activity in a short period of time to reduce and control the micro flora of the skin while imparting residual bacteriostatic activity.
  • IQL Spray Sanitizer – IQL Spray Sanitizer is an isopropyl alcohol-based hand and hard surface sanitizer containing quaternary ammonium and lactic acid. This product has been formulated to reduce the risk of cross contamination by providing the reduction of a wide spectrum of bacteria and microorganisms.
  • EnSURE Touch ATP Luminometer – The next-generation quality monitoring system. It provides rapid and accurate sanitation verification to support your food safety program. EnSURE Touch features a 5″ touch screen, wireless sync, and cloud-based software.
  • Foaming and spray sanitizing equipment
  • Chemical mixing stations
  • Chemical transfer stations and pumps