Non-foaming cleaners are excellent for use in clean-in-place (CIP) systems.

Strongly Alkaline Non-foaming Cleaners
  • Liquid Circulation Cleaner – A non-foaming, heavy-duty degreaser that works effectively on carbonized grease surfaces and solubilizes heavy grease, fat and oil deposits.
  • Liquid HT Cleaner – A premium, strongly alkaline liquid circulation cleaner type cleaner designed for high temperatures and in hard water conditions.
  • LC Plus – A strongly alkaline, non-foaming liquid circulation cleaner designed for cleaning in hard water conditions.
  • Powdered Alkaline Cleaner – A non-foaming, powdered caustic product that rapidly removes heavy fat, protein, carbonized grease, and oil deposits.
  • Pipeline Cleaner – A premium heavy-duty, liquid, chlorinated circulation cleaner for “in-place” cleaning.
  • Heavy Duty Chlorinated Cleaner – A highly concentrated, strongly alkaline, chlorinated non-foaming liquid circulation cleaner for “in-place” cleaning of grease, fat, oil and protein deposits.
  • CIP Cleaner – A granular heavy-duty, low foaming, liquid detergent.
  • PB Wash – A non-chlorinated, low foaming, liquid detergent.
  • Circulation HW – A strongly alkaline, chlorinated circulation cleaner ideal for hard water conditions.
  • Turbo CIP – A strongly alkaline, non-foaming, non-chlorinated, liquid pipeline cleaner and circulation cleaner designed for use in less than ideal water conditions. This product effectively solubilizes heavy grease, fat, oil deposits, and most other organic matter.
  • MP Alkaline Cleaner – A versatile, strongly alkaline, non-foaming, non-chlorinated liquid circulation cleaner specially formulated for a variety of cleaning applications, including circulation cleaning, fryer boil out, roller cleaning, and cleaning beef tripe.
  • Liquid HDCC – This product is a heavy-duty caustic based cleaner specially formulated for spray, soak and circulation cleaning.
  • ROC Degreaser – A completely water-soluble product for exceptional degreasing and cleaning of a wide variety of surfaces. This product requires no solvent and is non-flammable. ROC Degreaser rinses well and leaves no film or offensive odours. ROC Degreaser is specifically designed to remove polymerized oil deposits.
Mildly Alkaline Non-foaming Cleaners
  • ASC 1000 – A concentrated, completely water-soluble liquid cleaner and degreaser specifically designed to clean soils from aluminum bake pans and other soft metal surfaces. ASC 1000 rinses easily without leaving a film and does not impart offensive odours.
  • Clean Safe – A non-foaming, aluminum safe cleaner and degreaser.
  • VI Cleaner – A non-caustic, aluminum safe circulation cleaner containing solvents and corrosion inhibitors.
Acidic Non-foaming Cleaners
  • Scale Remover Plus – A concentrated non-foaming blend of phosphoric and sulfuric acid designed for removal of water scale and milkstone.
  • HD Descaler – A nitric acid-based non-foaming acid cleaner. It contains no phosphoric acid so it will not have an undesirable effect on plant wastewater.
  • CIP Acid – A concentrated non-foaming liquid blend of nitric and phosphoric acids.
  • Citra Acid – A citric acid-based cleaner for use where other aggressive acids are undesirable or cannot be tolerated.
  • Non-Foaming Acid Cleaner – A concentrated, non-foaming, phosphoric acid-based cleaner for in-line removal of hard water scale and metal oxides.
  • SAS-50 – A liquid acidulant formulated as a cost-effective replacement for phosphoric and citric acids. This product is an excellent pH control agent and processing aid in rendering and wastewater treatment applications.
  • CA-50 – A concentrated citric acid-based solution that can be used to remove hard water scale, for removal of milkstone, as a pH adjuster and neutralizer of caustic wash solutions and as a microbial control agent in red meat and poultry carcass wash systems.