Shanook – A ready-to-use cleaner and sanitizer specifically designed for cleaning non-coated heat exchangers of chiller units and drains.

SAF-111FGK – Water dispersible, 10% active silicone emulsion anti-foam containing food grade polydimethylsiloxane fluid.

White Mineral Oil 70 – An ultra-pure, food grade mineral oil with applications in food processing, pharmaceutical and agricultural industries.

EC Air Fresh – A highly effective deodorizer that chemically binds and eliminates odours.

Magic Orange – A d-Limonene-based cleaner and degreaser designed for a wide variety of food plant and industrial applications. including label removal.

Dynafrost – An inhibited propylene glycol-based heat transfer fluid specially designed to provide effective freeze and corrosion protection.

  • EC Floor Scrub – A low foaming, environmentally friendly concentrated liquid floor cleaner and degreaser.
  • Strike – A fast acting, granular, heavy-duty, alkaline floor cleaner. It is ideally suited for concrete floors and other industrial applications. It effectively cuts through grease and grime that other cleaners alone fail to remove. Strike contains a blend of quaternary ammonium compounds to provide effective floor sanitization in wet environments.
  • Floor-San – A granular floor sanitizer formulated specifically for the food processing industry. The multi-purpose quaternary ammonium component in the granules is water activated, providing effective floor sanitization in wet environments where conditions are favourable for microbial growth.
  • PQ Drain Cleaning System – A peroxide-based drain cleaning and sanitizing system. This system is an effective way of penetrating biofilms created by micro-organisms in sewage ways, pipelines and drains. The two-part system is formulated to remove any organic matter in the drains and to breakdown any biofilms that are present.
  • Clean Freeze – A ready-to-use freezer floor cleaner that rapidly cleans and de-ices the floor of meat lockers, freezers, and coolers. Clean Freeze easily melts through any ice to remove tough grease and grime deposits from floors. This product can be used manually or with a scrubbing machine.