The MIRA line of E-Chem concentrates are unique, environmentally friendly vehicle cleaners that have been specially formulated  for application at very high dilutions.

The advantages associated with using the MIRA concentrates include:

  • Less inventory required on-site as these products generally last up to 3-times longer than traditional products.
  • Lower order frequency required
  • Freight savings
  • Less packaging to dispose of, reducing an operations carbon footprint.
  • All MIRA concentrates are nonyl/octyl phenol ethoxylate and phosphate free


The MIRA concentrates include:

  • MIRA-WASH:  a highly concentrated, wand wash, pre-soak and tire cleaner.
  • MIRA-LUBE:  a very concentrated white brush lubricant for use in tunnel and wand washes.
  • MIRA-GLOSS:  a very concentrated non-mineral oil clear coat protectant.
  • MIRA-QUEST: a slighly alkaline, high foaming liquid detergent
  • MIRA-CON:   very highly concentrated, high foaming cationic clear coat conditioner
  • MIRA-SUDS: a very highly concentrated blend of detergents formulated for hand-mitting or manual washing.
  • MIRA-HIB:  a very highly concentrated rust protectant.


  • POWER POWDER is a concentrated, slightly alkaline, high-foaming granular detergent that rapidly cuts through road grime and effectively removes road film.
  • TANGO – a slightly alkaline, high-foaming liquid detergent that effectively penetrates, loosens and removes road film.
  • SE PLUS:  a moderately alkaline, premium liquid detergent formulation for use in touch-less vehicle washes and tunnel wash pre-sprays.  Very effective in hard water conditions.