• BR-1000 is a concentrated natural solvent-based degreaser with a high flash point and a very low freezing point.  Extremely effective for removing heavy bitumen and oil deposits.
  • An excellent feature of BR-1000 occurs after the cleaning process when E-CHEM SEPARATOR is added to the solubilized bitumen:  the solution splits into a clear, lower aqueous layer and a bitumen rich upper layer. This feature results in reduced charges in terms of waste water treatment and/or disposal.
Before and after treatment with BR-1000 Separator (Aqueous layer: TSS < 95mg/L; COD < 710 mg/L)


  • SOLUGEL is a concentrated, heavy duty organic solvent -based degreasing GEL that provides high strength cleaning and degreasing power.  Solugel is formulated with a special blend of solvents, synthetic hydrocarbons and emulsifiers that allow it to cling to a surface longer to maximize contact time and cleaning power.
  •  GELSOL is a concentrated, non-corrosive solvent-based degreasing gel with a very high flashpoint (107 C).  It provides high strength cleaning and degreasing power with little or no odour.  Gelsol is a low foaming, eco-friendly alternative to varsol.
  •  CITRA BLAST RW is a heavy duty organic cleaner and degreaser that is a blend of organic solvents formulated to remove carbonized residues, oils, greases and bitumen.
  • ENVIRO RIG WASH is a highly effective cleaner and degreaser that contains biodegradeable surfactants and an natural solvent to enhance removal of oil, grease and hydrocarbon based liquids/residues.
  • RIG WASH CONCENTRATE is a very heavy duty organic degreaser that will provide high strength cleaning power with a mild pine scent. Excellent for removing bitumen.
  • BITUMEN REMOVER HD is a concentrated organic degreaser formulated for high strength cleaning of bitumen deposits.